About Mamma Moo and Crow

Art: Sven Nordqvist

Mamma Mu wants to see the world. Crow has already seen everything.

A slightly longer description of their personalities:

Mamma Mu is curious, Crow doesn’t want to embarrass himself. She likes to try out new things, and wants to learn everything that children do. Crow knows what’s proper for a cow – and has no qualms about setting her straight.

Crow can’t swim, he’s afraid of getting wet, he’s afraid of the dark and he’s afraid of cars. He loves pastries, pizza and French fries, and generally most things that you can eat – except spinach.

Mamma Mu almost always has a positive attitude and is friendly. She only gets mad at Crow when he says that she’s too fat, and only genuinely annoyed with him when he really lets her down and claims that the farmer’s wife is his only true friend (because she gives him pancakes).

Crow knows everything better than Mamma Mu. He always understands everything – one way or another. He likes to sneak around and play secret agent, and he likes to try things that Mamma Mu does, just as long as no one’s watching. For example, he’ll try the swing after everyone has gone home, or dance ballet in the barn. Crow always has to go home when things get a bit iffy. He never has time, but can always suddenly FIND the time – if it’s important. Crow has seen a fair amount in his day, the way he flies to and fro. He thinks that pushing a cow (who wants to learn to ride a bike or climb up a slide) is about the most embarrassing thing you can do.

Mamma Mu has a poetic nature. She makes up poems (about springtime), likes to sing (fairly off-key) her own songs and those of others, she likes the colours of autumn, lakes that are calm as a mirror and sunsets. She is captivated by the abilities of children and has romantic tendencies: “Imagine, here we are, you and I, Crow, rowing.” Crow thinks that such thoughts are simply awkward: “Don’t carry on like that now, Mamma Mu.”

Art: Sven Nordqvist

Crow has a strong pedagogic inclination. He speaks clearly and asks Mamma Mu to repeat the lessons he wants to convey: “Repeat after me – cows don’t climb trees. Say it.” He likes to demonstrate his knowledge, for example how to clean a barn in five seconds, and he wouldn’t mind publishing a book on the subject. Crow has special tools and a variety of fishing rods. And he IS an expert. He can build the WORLD’S best cabin. Once he gets started, Crow easily gets carried away. He babbles on like a MADMAN.

Crow has respect for the farmer. “Pretend that you’re just standing here chewing grass. The farmer might come!” Mamma Mu has a more relaxed and accustomed attitude towards the farmer. Naturally.

Crow has an endless need of comfort. Mamma Mu has a great capacity for empathy. What a happy coincidence.