Day Ghost

Art: Jens Ahlbom

Day Ghost is an old ghost. The first book was published in 1994 after being broadcast as a popular series on children’s radio (read more under the Book and music productions tab). As with many other stories, this one started with a child who said, “What if… What if there was a ghost that was black! Then you couldn’t see him at night.” “Then he’d have to do his haunting during the day!” another child answered. That’s how Day Ghost got his start. The fact that he was later mistaken for a blanket, a hammock, swimming trunks or a doctor’s smock – well, that’s how entertaining stories are made.

Jens Ahlbom created Day Ghost’s amusing body and expressive features.

Hurray for Day Ghost! A great many children listen to the lisping Day Ghost.


Day Ghost returns

Day Ghost

Day Ghost meets a ghost

Day Ghost at a party

Dag Ghost at the hospital