Song books

Long Strong Song – The Vardagsgruppen’s Songs

(Lång stång sång – Vardagsgruppens visor)
Our first collection of songs was published in 1984. It contained 66 songs collected over a long number of years, many from the time we were several families with young children living together. Tomas drew the pictures and I took the photos.


Sway to the beat

(Gunga lite grann)
71 songs, with sheet music and guitar chords arranged by Backa Hans Eriksson. Anna-Clara Tidholm drew the pictures. There was great demand for both the sheet music and the guitar chords. Many people had also been asking how we came up with the ideas for our songs. In this songbook we provided a little background material about the origins of each song.


You and me and my little bicycle

(Du och jag och min lilla cykel)

23 songs, together with illustrations by Marit Törnqvist. No sheet music. My hope was that this book would be more poetic than pedagogic. I wanted Marit to select which songs to include, and for the focus to be on her pictures. It made me very happy when she chose songs that I’m very fond of. The book turned out to be very beautiful.

Bang Bang Balance – and 49 other songs to sing along to music

(Bang Bang Balans – och 49 andra sånger att sjunga till musik)

This songbook comes complete with a music player so that you can be accompanied while you sing. Backa Hans Eriksson and Malou Meilink arranged the songs for this specific purpose and play a wide variety of instruments. This is an exclusive edition with illustrations by Sven Nordqvist, Emma Adbåge, Lotta Geffenblad, Catarina Krusvaal, Lena Sjöberg and Marit Törnqvist.